Live from MobileBeat: “The iAd Wars” Roundtable

Posted on July 13, 2010
By James Lamberti

Live from Mobile Beat 2010, that's right more discussion of Apple. As if there hasn't been enough yet (read that: dripping with sarcasm)?

We welcomed them to the industry a few months back. Although they've not reciprocated, so far it's been quite a pleasant experience for both of us. It's really nothing like a war at all. More like a partnership actually. They have a couple cool mobile devices, bring lots of mindshare and money to mobile advertising, and charge really high CPMs. We have 9,000 devices (including both of Apple's), 16.9 billion impressions, and market-driven CPC prices. Works for us!

My musings aside - Matthaus Krzykowski from Mobile Beat hosted and titled the discussion “Apple Versus the World: The iAd Wars with Anne Frisbie from InMobi. The panel debated and Anne arrived at the obvious conclusion, which the group agreed with - there is no war. We created the war. Nobody else caresto quote Matthaus.

Well said. Now let's move on shall we?