Overview of Presenters From Tonight's pariSoma Mobile Mixer

Posted on August 04, 2010
By Gregory Kennedy

The pariSoma Mobile Mixer for mobile startups is tonight. Come see live demos which will include a mix of apps, hardware, and accessories.

The event starts tonight at 6:30pariSoma 1436 Howard street San Francisco

appbackr allows iPhone and iPad developers to sell wholesale copies of their applications to finance development. appbackr buyers profit when the apps are sold on the iTunes store. Learn more at www.appbackr.com

Apsalar provides marketing tools for mobile apps. We aim to bring the efficiencies of conversion marketing to the mobile ecosystem (iPhone, Android, Mobile web). Learn more at www.apsalar.com

audio perfume surrounds you with subtle sound waves, creating occasional acoustic ambiance with your mobile device. audio perfume runs invisibly in the background, this lets it come to life at any moment, no matter what applications are running, even while your mobile device is sleeping. Learn more at www.audioperfume.com

BreezyPrint provides mobile printing that Just Works. The software is incredibly easy to use, takes about 2 minutes to set up, works with practically every printer ever made and lets you print anything from your mobile device in just a few clicks. Learn more at www.breezyprint.com

Expensify does expense reports that don't suck! They do this by importing expenses *and receipts* from credit cards and mobile phones, submitting expense reports through email, and reimbursing entirely online using QuickBooks and direct deposit. Learn more at www.expensify.com

Footfeed is a new geo-location check-in aggregator. Built from the ground up as a check-in service, Footfeed integrates APIs from Brightkite, Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook so that users can check-in to all of the services using a single app. Learn more at  www.footfeed.com

Geogad is an Internet travel content platform that distributes audio- and video-based self-guided tours of popular tourist destinations. Learn more at www.geogad.com

iSpy is a mobile location based twist on the popular kids game iSpy with my little eye. It's a global, crowdsourced, never ending scavenger hunt game you can play anytime/anywhere on your iPhone. Learn more at  www.iSpyApp.com

junaio, the most advanced mobile augmented reality browser, you are instantly informed about things around you places, events, bargains or even objects. Learn more at www.junaio.com

Retronyms is a small software studio that makes various music applications for iPhones, iPads, and iPods! Two of the most popular and fun are Synth and FourTrack. Learn more at www.retronyms.com

XEOPlay creates games that unlock human potential to improve quality of life through play. Tilt HD is a successor to the first game for the iPhone to use the accelerometer developed at iPhone Dev Camp by Nicole Lazzaro and Joe Hewitt at iPhoneDevCamp. Learn more at www.TiltWorld.com