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Mobile Advertising in the Middle East

Gregory Kennedy
5 min read
Posted on August 16, 2010

Today on Apps Arabia is a blog post by InMobi's Rob Jonas, VP & MD Europe and Middle East. The Middle East region is experiencing significant growth in mobile advertising, given the wide spread adoption of internet connected mobile phones. Here is an excerpt:

The Middle East market consists of ~300 million people spread across more than 20 countries. While broadband Internet penetration languishes below 15% in most countries, mobile phone penetration is 150% in many markets with increasing mobile handset sophistication and 3G technologies spreading quickly. The result is that phone is far more effective than the fixed Internet for reaching people in the Middle East. Add to this mix more and more mobile websites with local Arabic content and its easy to understand why users are increasingly drawn to the mobile web. On the InMobi mobile advertising network alone, we saw a 33% increase in impressions from June to July of this year, creating a regional network of 500 million impressions.

Read the full article here: http://www.appsarabia.com/en/blog/2010/08/16/guest-post-from-inmobi-mobile-advertising-in-mena/

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