The Tipping Point: Smartphone Shipments at Parity with PC Shipments

Posted on August 17, 2010
By Gregory Kennedy

It was reported by Fortune Online that smartphone shipments (including iPad-like devices) are now at parity with PC shipments. It's pretty much a given that smartphone shipments will soon over take PC shipments. While that fact is amazing on it's own, Swedish mobile telecom infrastructure company Ericsson reported that data traffic on mobile networks has tripled in just the last year. The conclusion, not only are people buying smartphones but they are using them. Ericsson also estimates that there are over 5 Billion mobile subscribers world wide. Around 20% of those users have internet enabled phones. But given the phenomenal data growth rate, it appears that the number of internet enabled phones is increasing at an even faster than rate than predicted. People Aren't Just Buying Smartphones, They Are Using Them, Too The numbers don't lie: Mobile devices overtaking PCs