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Congratulations to All The Winners of AppFaceoff

Gregory Kennedy
5 min read
Posted on August 26, 2010

Correction. Looks like we got some incomplete information on this (you just can't trust what you read on the internet). The complete list of winners from AppFaceoff are in order:

1. WTFAY took home first prize. www.wtfay.com

2. BreezyPrint finished second. www.breezyprint.com

3. TiltWorld finished third. www.tiltworld.com

We want to congratulate @TiltWorld for winning AppFaceoff last night at @pariSoma. The combination of the game's creative story and unique game play dazzled the judges enough to take home 3rd prize. We also want to thank the other competitors, organizers and attendees for making last night's event a success. For more information visit: www.tiltworld.com

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