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InMobi Mobile Data Country Profile: New Zealand

James Lamberti
5 min read
Posted on September 16, 2010

We saw a post on Twitter yesterday from someone who was disappointed with the lack of information on New Zealand. We thought there was no better way to demonstrate InMobi's commitment to transparency and openness, than just simply running the data on New Zealand and creating a report. So, just one day later, we present a mobile data country profile for New Zealand. Download New Zealand PDF


86 Countries Globally and Growing The InMobi network footprint is large enough to provide in depth analysis in 86 countries currently and we expect that to grow. Academics, researchers, bloggers, analysts are already engaging and incorporating our insight into analysis, speakerships, events, etc. Equally important to the quantity of data we possess is the quality. We recognize the need to deliver on transparency. Like any good research, readers should have some sense of the confidence in the data. When provided, this can help the end user assimilate the data correctly. This leads to my next point:


Our Representation of New Zealand As you can clearly see, our network in New Zealand doubled in just the past month. This is the reason New Zealand did not make the report initially. With so much growth so quickly, readers should interpret our data in this region as Emerging per our disclosure in the report and on the website. With time and growth in our network, trends will become increasingly stable and will graduate this market and many other to Directional and then eventually Significant


So What Makes New Zealand Different? Unlike its close neighbor Australia, New Zealand remains primarily an advanced phone market (as opposed to smart phone). iPhone is present, but its not yet moving into double digits in share and Android is not even present. We expect our network is under representing iPhone per the comments above, but on the whole this is a sound finding. A second and more relevant point, this market is growing fast. It's an example of how easily an advertiser can execute quickly in foreign country (assuming you are not living in New Zealand) and touch consumers with scale and reach via our network. If you haven't seen our research report yet you can download it here: http://inmobi.com/research/

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