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InMobi's James Lamberti Debunks a Few Mobile Myths

Gregory Kennedy
5 min read
Posted on October 01, 2010

James Lamberti, InMobi, VP of Marketing and Research is featured in this article in Mobile Marketing Magazine. He debunks many common myths about mobile advertising. Here is a sample:

Mobile is just like the desktop

 To refute this, Lamberti cited part of the research that asked consumers how they would choose to respond to an ad on their phone, the options being to call, purchase, search, do something viral with it, or get some content. The most popular answer was call, cited by 23 per cent of respondents. So do you support click-to-call? asked Lamberti. The singular focus on content misses the creative opportunity. Taking a PC desktop banner and sticking it on mobile to drive someone to a thick content location, I get it, and it is an important part of mobile, but there is a tremendous opportunity to engage consumers in a variety of other ways that are unique to this device. There may be workflow issues, but calls to action should be linked to device usage."


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