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InMobi Monetization Session at 360iDev - Sunday November 7, Austin, Texas

Gregory Kennedy
5 min read
Posted on November 01, 2010

Please join us this Sunday in Austin, Texas at 360iDev for our full day session on app monetization. For tickets and more information: www.360idev.com

Sunday November 7, Austin, Texas

The first three segments of this session will run for roughly 30 minutes. The panel will run for 45 minutes. The entire session will be repeated in the afternoon with one addition, a Developer Show and Tell. If you would like to sign up for the Show and Tell please contact: gregory.kennedy@inmobi.comMorning Session 9am to 12pm Afternoon Session 1pm to 5pm

Session 1: Advertising and the iOS Ecosystem

Ashwani Kumar, head Smart Platforms for InMobi we take app developers through the iOS ecosystem and share data that will debunk the myth that global eCPMs are not on par with U.S. eCPMs. Download Presentation

Session 2: Building an Ad Supported App Business

Gregory Kennedy, head of InMobi's developer community will share business strategies for developer and entrepreneurs who want to create an ad support app business. Download Presentation

Session 3: InMobi Advertising SDK Tips and Tricks

Rishabh Chowdhary, the developer of InMobi's iOS ad SDK will take you through installation and provide tips and tricks to help developers get the most out of mobile advertising. Download Presentation

Session 4: Panel Discussion - Beyond the Ad Network, Third Party Mobile Ad Platforms

The emergence of third party platforms in the mobile space is an area of particular interest to app developers recently. We have assembled a panel of experts who discuss the strengths and weaknesses of third party platform and help app developers understand if a third party platform is the right choice for their business.


Nexage: Is a third party mobile platform which helps developers increase revenue and decrease costs. Elgin Kim www.nexage.com InMobi: A global ad network for mobile devices, InMobi has offices in San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Johannesburg and Bangalore. Ashwani Kumar www.inmobi.com Inedible Software: Palo Alto software developer and creator of the wildly successful Shotgun Free for iPhone. Edward Marks www.inediblesoftware.com MoPub: Founded by three ex-AdMob employees, MoPub is developing a new approach to third party mobile ad platforms. Jim Payne www.mopub.com

Session 5 (Afternoon Only): Developer Show and Tell

Sign up during our morning and session and get 5 minutes to present you tip, trick, hack, app or interesting insight into mobile app development and monetization.

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