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World Developer Fund Success Story: Inedible’s Shotgun Free iPhone App Triples International eCPMs With InMobi

Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on November 02, 2010

The Developer

Inedible Software is a leading mobile software developer and creator of the wildly successful Shotgun Free iPhone app. Founded in 2009 by two Stanford graduates, Edward Marks and James Anthony. Shotgun Free for iPhone has been downloaded over 7.5 Million times and at peak was receiving over 3.5 Million of page views a month.

The Approach

InMobi's mobile ad SDK was incorporated into Shotgun Free for iPhone, along with a host of other mobile ad networks. InMobi outperformed them all internationally, delivering a 3X increase in international eCPMs. In the U.S. eCPMs also increased on average by 10%."InMobi's SDK is very stable and set up was easy", said Edward Marks of Inedible.


The Results

Edward Marks also says, "InMobis ability to monetize internationally is unmatched. With over 45% of our traffic coming from other countries InMobi is essential to our monetization strategy. In the U.S. we use a number of other ad networks along with InMobi and the performance here is strong as well. Overall, we're very happy with the results. Download the case study PDF

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