Reebok HexRide Puts the Fun Back into Running with InMobi

Posted on January 25, 2011
By Shringar Pangal, Senior Product Marketing ManagerSenior Product Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Reebok invented HexRide cushioning technology to create a cushioned, lightweight ride for runners. Using a pattern of hexagonal recesses containing sealed air pockets, the shoe shields the wearer's body from the impact of the pavement. As a result, the HexRide shoe makes running a smoother and more delightful experience for runners. With the aim of highlighting this new level of fun made possible by HexRide, Reebok chose the InMobi mobile ad network.

The Solution

To generate as much buzz as possible around the launch of HexRide, especially among younger buyers, an interactive game was developed and made available for download. Highlighting the idea of making HexRide "your move," the game positioned the shoe as a personal statement, while re-creating the excitement that all runners feel at making it to the finish line.

The Results

The interactive game was particularly effective in making a connection between the brand and the thrill of athletic competition. Over a third of users who clicked through the banner ads downloaded the game, and quite a few also took advantage of the Invite a Friend feature through SMS. For Reebok, what InMobi delivered went above and beyond industry benchmarks. Download the case study PDF