Mobile Is My Addiction; Cricket Is My Religion

Posted on January 31, 2011
By Shringar Pangal, Senior Product Marketing ManagerSenior Product Marketing Manager

Mobile is the new frontier of advertising with the ability to reach the masses like no other medium before it. It is also an essential ingredient of human communication allowing information to reach consumers at any time, anywhere. Cricket has been the passion of India from time immemorial. During the cricket season, it is natural to find flocks of enthusiasts crowded around TV sets at the office, in the home, and outside TV retail stores all watching the match and cheering on their team. Commuters on buses and trains can be seen with transmitters glued to their ears. And today, a new trend is being observed. Passionate fans are using their mobile phones as the preferred medium to catch up on the country's favorite game. Mobile provides access to a host of mobile sports sites and applications while fans are on-the-go. This behavior provides an excellent opportunity for brands to reach their advertising target while using mobile advertising. Consumers are almost permanently attached to their mobile device making it the ideal medium to connect with people wherever they are. Mobile advertising is no longer a luxury for brands, it is a necessary component to help them achieve their objectives. Our whitepaper covers topics such as

  • Why is cricket getting married to mobile
  • What is the consumer's take on mobile effectiveness
  • Reasons for success of mobile in India
  • What are the key points to keep in mind to run a successful mobile campaign in India revolving around cricket
  • A few success stories of coupling cricket and mobile advertising

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