Sony Ericsson Drives Buzz for Xperia with InMobi

Posted on February 01, 2011
By Shringar Pangal, Senior Product Marketing ManagerSenior Product Marketing Manager

The Challenge

One of Sony's flagship offerings in the smartphone arena, the Xperia X1 was also the company's first Windows Mobile device. With its slick design, touch screen, slide-out keyboard and full array of media options, it was the perfect choice for consumers who wanted both work and entertainment capabilities on a high-end phone. Sony selected InMobi to build word-of-mouth publicity through mobile networks ahead of the phone's launch date.

The Solution

A campaign that was developed highlighting the phone's lightweight design, sleek good looks, personalization options, as well as features like a camera for still film or video and a multi-format music player. Users who viewed the mobile video showcasing the phone could forward it on to their friends, along with their pre-order forms. Colorful wallpapers featuring the phone's breakthrough features were also available for download.

The Results

For Sony Ericsson, the power of InMobi's mobile network was immediately apparent in the interest and excitement that materialized around the Xperia X1 launch. Almost 85% of pre-orders were sent to buyers' friends. When that figure was put alongside the number of wallpaper downloads and shared videos, it became clear that InMobi is pioneering innovative new best practices in word-of-mouth marketing.