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Thank You World Developers, The InMobi World Developer Fund is Now Closed

Gregory Kennedy
5 min read
Posted on February 01, 2011

3 Billion impressions and six months later, the World Developer Fund is empty. As of January 31 2011, we officially closed the program. We view it as a huge success and hope the hundreds of developers around the world who participated feel the same way. To commemorate the fund, we undertook our first ever global analysis of our network data focusing on iOS and Android app ad inventory. You can download and read all about it here. While stats are great (we love our stats, don't we?), in this case there is a far more human aspect to the program's success. Here are some facts you won't read about in the PDF analysis:

  • We had developers participating from every corner of the globe - Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, The Middle East and Europe.
  • We joined Meet-Ups or developer events as a result of the fund in London, Paris, San Francisco, Nairobi, Capetown, Dubai, Budapest, Bangalore, Mumbai, Austin, and Munich just to name a few.
  • We have numerous case studies sourced from this fund. These case studies help illustrate the collaborative way devs work through shared information and learning. We love that about the program and especially want to thank Invictus Games, Inedible Software, Fiplab, Neon Play, and Outfit7 for sharing their stories.
  • We expanded our relationships one-by-one to thousands of developers globally. In the process we learned about our product, our support, and are working to improve both.

We experienced, first hand, the global developer community. We loved the collaboration and transparency and view it as a great fit for our brand and product. We have every intention of expanding our developer community efforts in 2011 and launching more programs as a result. Far from closing anything, this is just the beginning. Thanks again to all who participated. We look forward to more of the same in 2011. Cordially, Gregory and James

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