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ad:tech Sydney Round Up

Rob Marston
5 min read
Posted on April 11, 2011


InMobi was invited to speak at ad:tech Sydney on the subject of Implementing an Effective Mobile Advertising Strategy. I was fortunate enough to take the prized opening slot amongst four other panelists after the first keynote of the conference. To set the context, Australiis extremely developed smartphone market (over 50% of phones are smartphones) with possibly the highest penetration per capitof iPhones. This makes the market ripe for mobile advertising. Instead there is apathy towards mobile from advertisers in the Australian market and the consumer is significantly ahead in terms of demand. Most advertisers appear to still be waiting for the œyear of the mobile, but at InMobi, we know it's already here. few smaller advertisers are already realising the benefits of mobile advertising by getting involved early, learning and now capitalising on this latent consumer desire. My message to advertisers is simple ,"Now is the perfect opportunity to start with mobile advertising, the cost of entry is low and other alternative medichannels are already cluttered."

You can download the full presentation here.

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