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Reducing Signalling Overhead in Your App and Website

Terence Eden
5 min read
Posted on July 21, 2011

The engineers at Nokia Seimens Networks have written an excellent article about the level of traffic signalling in mobile apps which use advertising.


Around the world, people pay varying amounts to access data. You can't assume that your customer is on an "unlimited" plan. Even if they are, you don't want to waste their battery or congest the mobile network with needless requests. With our mobile-web platform, it's easy to reduce the amount of requests you send to us:

  	//	Use the MkhojAd.php file supplied  	require_once("MkhojAd.php");     	//	Use your unique Site ID  	$base = newMkhojAd("12345678901234567890");     	//	You can request up to 3 adverts at a time  	$base->set_num_of_ads(2);     	if($base->request_ads())  	{  		//	The top ad  		echo $base->fetch_ad();     		/*  		Display your web page here  		*/     		//	The bottom ad  		echo $base->fetch_ad();  	}  

You only need to do one call to the InMobi network to get two adverts. Your user's phone should only initiate a single session to our servers to retrieve the adverts. With apps, it's a little more complex. Consider how often you should be displaying adverts. Is it worth requesting 1 new advert every minute? Should you display an advert constantly during a game - or just during the interstitials? Do you need an advert at the top and at the bottom? Use our analytics - find out where are your adverts most effective. Remember: respect your users and their bandwidth. Got any tips? Stick them in the comments box...

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