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Live From the First Ever Ansca Mobile and InMobi Hackathon @ Parisoma

Gregory Kennedy
5 min read
Posted on August 27, 2011

It's 8:21am and already 10 people are here setting up their equipment before the coffee has even arrived. This is sure to be a great event.


If you want to see the agenda it's posted here.


Let's get this party started!


Almost all the seats are taken and people are hard at work. We have people here in attendance from the South Bay, Southern California and even the East Coast.


Presentations just started. Walter and Carlos do an intro to Ansca for the developers. Big cheers as developers announce they flew in from as far away as Japan and S. Korea. Gregory presents from InMobi. You can download the PPT from SlideShare here.Paul presents from PapayaMobile.


Team assignments have been given out and people are now brainstorming or working on their apps. On Twitter use the #CoronaHackathon hashtag if you want to chat with us live. Here is Carlos on the livestream with Ansca remote participants. Click here to access the livestream. 


Walter is conducting a workshop for developers who are new to the Corona SDK platform.  



Lot's of people want to know how to submit their apps. To submit your entry, you will need to send us the following: 1. A short 1 minute video of the app. You can shoot it off your computer screen with your phone. 2. The source code for us to verify you actually made the app. 3. A link to a Dropbox folder for submissions will be emailed out to all attendees at 6:30pm Pacific.


We're gearing up to start serving lunch. Teams are now heavy into the prototyping phase, you can see some of their concepts on Twitter here and here. A view from above:


Before we took a break for lunch, a few people in the audience wanted to make announcements, for job openings at their start-ups. Here are the links: Air Labs has openings for a bunch of positions: http://airylabs.com/jobs/jobs.html Mall Wallet is looking for a UX / UI specialist, email Greg at the address below: ggopman@gmail.com Franklin Jr. Apps wants to hire a Corona SDK developer: http://startuply.com/jobs/Lua_CoronaSDK_Developer_1685_6.aspx MirandaBros wants to hire Corona SDK developers, Flash developers, Artists and Sounds professionals: http://mirandabros.com/ Lunch is served.  


We've Gone Global!

The hackathon is truly global. Here is the EventBrite map of attendees. You can see there are participants from all over Europe, Asia, Australia, there is even a participant from Alaska.

Afternoon candy served. Only 6 more hours to code.



The after lunch slump doesn't seem to be slowing down any of the teams participating today. Everyone looks focused and determined. Most teams have moved beyond the prototyping phase and are doing live graphic development or coding. With only 6 hours to go, it will be interesting to see what level of completion developers achieve, given the time constraints.


Teams are still coding strong. But people are starting to really hit the candy and soda hard. We're coming into the home stretch, keep it up!


Italian home cooking has arrived from Buca di Beppo. It looks fantastic and people are hungry after a hard day of pixel pushing and text editing.


MirandaBros love pasta!  


All submission will need to be in by 8pm. Only 2 more hours left. Thanks #CoronaHackathon participants for all the views: 'Your document is featured on the SlideShare homepage!'


We're in the home stretch. Teams are putting the final touches on their apps now. At 8pm the judging will begin.

May they best app win! 



Congratulations to everyone who participated. It was challenging to select the winner, all of them were fantastic. There were 35 submissions, an amazing number, given that people only had 11 hours to create an app. The winners came from both remote submissions and from onsite participants. Here they are: The Grand Prize Winner [remote] Polar Wing by "Crossman" App Category Winner [remote] Nap Keeper by J.A. Whye Game Category Winner [local] Gold Digger by Greg Lemon and Chris Platz Honorable Mention App Category [local] ChipMusic Discovery by Kenneth and Jordan Honorable Mention Game Category [local] Milton's Last Day by Phuongvo Links to demos from the winners will be posted tomorrow. Thank you and good night. Gregory Kennedy Director, Global Marketing @InMobi

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