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InMobi in South Africa - Part 1 - mLab

Terence Eden
5 min read
Posted on August 31, 2011

Last week, the InMobi team travelled all the way to South Africa.  We were in Cape Town and Pretoria to support the two great mLabs. The mLabs are great open space where technology entrepreneurs can interact, work, gain access to tools and expertise, deploy their solutions, and start and grow their businesses. They are run by experts and local developers. Basically, the mLab provides all the infrastructure you need to test, deploy, and learn how to scale your mobile apps. We were presenting our series on Mobile Monetisation

Mlabsa presentation - Terence Eden
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We were really pleased with the turn out - brilliant to see so many people eager to promote their mobile services. mlab pretoria Naturally, InMobi bought the beer! mlab beer But the guys in Cape Town and Pretoria really bought their A-Game when it came to the pitching competition. We invited all participants to pitch their mobile app or service to us - with the best winning a $250 prize from us. Here are the presenters. mlab presentationsmlab presentations pretoria We had a great time with the mLabs and saw some brilliant presentations. I'm really looking forward to going back to South Africa soon. Such a great country with a really vibrant mobile scene. You should follow mLabs on Twitter and follow InMobiDeveloper if you want to find out when we're coming to your country. We're also really proud to be sponsoring mLabs East Africa.

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