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Red Hot Rio A Case Study on Mobile Commerce

Marseille Steele
5 min read
Posted on September 29, 2011
Mobile Marketing Association
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MMA Forum São Paulo | 17-18 October, 2011

James Lamberti
Research and Marketing

Red Hot Rio A Case Study on Mobile Commerce
18 October, 2011
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This year's Forum focuses on the customer, and how marketers can leverage mobile to communicate with audiences in personal and relevant way.
Key topics this year include:
  • Mobile Marketing Futures: The Next 3-5 Years: Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist, author and blogger, looks at the future of the industry
  • The Role of Mobile in Kellogg's Marketing Strategy: Guillermo Obregon Rodriguez, Senior Cross Category Marketing Manager at Kellogg Company, Mexico shares case studies
  • Traditional and Innovative Ways to Build Your Brand and Engage your Customers Through Mobile: Adriana Knackfuss, Senior Consumer Connections Manager will share Coca-Cola Company case studies
  • Case Study from Argentina: Pablo Poncini, CEO of TBWA Argentina shares the story of a script written collaboratively through Twitter

For more speakers and full session descriptions, view the agenda.

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