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Publishers and Developers, Here's Some Advice on Managing Advert Filters

Terence Eden
5 min read
Posted on November 03, 2011

There are two really important things you have to do when adding adverts to your apps or sites.

  1. Don't piss off your users.
  2. Don't advertise your competitors.

Luckily, InMobi gives you total control over the adverts that you display. Here's a quick walk-through to show you how to expertly manage what ads are shown. To start, visit My Apps / Sites in your dashboard, and click "Manage Filters".

Category Filtering

This is the easiest way to filter adverts.

filter categories

InMobi offers over 40 categories which you can use to filter. You may choose to remove "Gambling" but keep "Alcohol" - the choice is always yours. Remember, choose categories which are suitable for your audience. If you display adverts which aren't suitable, as well as losing revenue and customers, you're likely to get bad reviews.

Keyword Filtering

If you want a little more fine-grained control over the adverts displayed, use InMobi's Keyword Filtering option.


You can filter on the text in the advert and the URL.

Domain Filtering

Finally, you may want to exclude any adverts which go to a specific domain - perhaps a competitors.


It's really easy to use. If you want to block "example.com" just type it in. If you want to block example.com AND example.co.uk AND example.jp etc - just type "example." - easy. So, that's a quick and easy way to get only the adverts that you and your users want. Remember, reducing the number categories you are displaying may cause a drop in the number of adverts your customers see. You can change the filters at any time. Got any questions or comments? Leave them on this page, or contact InMobi.

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