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Bloomberg Interviews InMobi CEO Tewari on Explosive Mobile Ad Market

Susan Kuo
5 min read
Posted on November 10, 2011

Check us out on Bloomberg! InMobi Founder and CEO, Naveen Tewari, appeared yesterday with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg West. Watch the clip below: Here are a few highlights:

Q: What made you want to get into this market?

The key thing about this space is the whole user base was going to shift to mobile that is what we looked at back in 2007. We looked ahead 5 to 10 years and saw 5 to 7 billion people on the planet using mobile phones, so we started to create the infrastructure required to build that ecosystem.

Q: A lot of the first employees in your business come from companies like Google, and there are a lot of big players in this business, so what is the differentiator for you?

First, we are razor focused on mobile advertising. We are building great products in performance advertising and rich media advertising we are going deep into that, so our product quality is just different. Second, we are lighting up the world with our teams focused across different markets Europe, Africa, Asia, the United States.

Q: You've attracted some high profile players as investors, like Softbank and Kleiner Perkins. How have you been putting that money to work?

Today we are one of the largest networks on the planet. We are using the money for two very critical things - one is to develop product. We have a team of about 250 engineers - that's probably the largest engineering team on mobile advertising products across the globe. Second, we have put a lot of people on the ground in terms of sales because the ad network business is not only about technology, it's also about execution. So, putting sales folks across different markets in the world becomes a very important aspect. We have about 70 people in the United States, 40 to 50 people in Europe, 30 to 40 people across Japan and Southeast Asia we have people all over the world. The third area is acquisitions, because we are looking at complementary technologies.

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