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We've Rebranded

Gregory Kennedy
5 min read
Posted on January 31, 2012

lot has changed since the original InMobi brand identity was created in 2009. We have expanded to every region around the globe, acquired Sprout (an HTML5 mobile rich mediplatform), launched new products, and have grown our ad network to over 77 Billion impressions month. We're now the largest independent mobile ad network in the world. We decided to engage in this rebranding to visually demonstrate our successful transition from regional mobile ad network, to true global leader in mobile technology.

Over year ago, we started working with 1185Design to develop new brand identity. After countless concepts, design experiments, and revisions, we selected this new logo. It was the one design that we felt truly represented the energy and impact of the InMobi mobile ad network. It symbolizes the constant delivery of dynamic communications, to variety of consumers, on every mobile platform around the world.

The Evolution of the InMobi Brand

The design team took look back at the evolution of the InMobi brand. From our origin as company called mKhoj, to our first rebranding and renaming as InMobi, see how the brand has evolved since our inception in 2007. Click here to view the full presentation.

Help Celebrate Our New Look

We asked some trusted partners, employees, friends, and fans to show their InMobi spirit by posing in t-shirt with our new logo. If you want to pose in an InMobi t-shirt, you can buy one here. Email us the photo and we will be sure to post it on our blog.


@Storm8 LisGu and Brendan Lyall

@Sprout Kevin Hughs, Co-Founder of Sprout

@Ninjapigstudios Jordan Schuetz Thanks @inmobi for the awesome t-shirt and water bottle. You guys are truly the best advertising company around! #EPIC pic.twitter.com/tu2RYOOI


@InMobi Australishowing #InMobiSpirit


@InMobi San Mateo showing #InMobiSpirit


@InMobi Bangalore showing #InMobiSpirit


@goodals Sridhar, VP of Corporate Development

@InMobi SEshowing #InMobiSpirit


@InMobi San Mateo Post It note logo #InMobiSpirit

@InMobi Swag Distribution #InMobiSpirit

@InMobi Paris showing #InMobiSpirit

@InMobi Nairobi showing #InMobiSpirit


@InMobi London and@Victoria_Alexis showing #InMobiSpirit

The new Mobile Advertising customer interface has launched. It looks great. Here are some before and after screens:

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