Mobile Wins in Super Bowl XLVI Mobile Consumption Study: Nearly 40% Use Mobile In Response to Game Time TV Ads

Posted on February 06, 2012
By Team InMobi

Message to media planners: mobile = touchdown! InMobi's Super Bowl survey shows viewers were highly engaged on their mobile devices during the game, proving mobile advertising plays a critical role in an effective Super Bowl advertising strategy. Highlights: 1. Nearly twice as many respondents used their phone during the first half of the game compared to the second half. 2. 39% used their mobile devices in response to watching a commercial during the game to:

  • Look up product information
  • Re-watch a commercial
  • Discuss and comment on commercials

3. 30% said they used their mobile devices the most during commercials 4. 45% estimated time spent during the game at 30 minutes or more Lessons learned:

  • The Super Bowl may be TV's biggest advertising event of the year in the U.S., but mobile is truly a force to be reckoned with.
  • If you are trying to engage with mobile users, do so during the first half of the game.
  • Super Bowl viewers use their phones during the game, and spend a significant amount of time doing so.