Super Bowl XLVI Polar Bears are more popular than than Elton, Betty and FlavaFlave

Posted on February 06, 2012
By Alexis Kushner

Between bites of pita chips with hummus and swigs of beer, we released a survey to the InMobi network to capture mobile users' behavior during the Super Bowl the biggest U.S. advertising day of the year. We saw some great ads - and who really cares about the game anyway, especially since the SF Niners weren't in it? According to our survey of 1000+ respondents, the Coca-Cola Polar Bears were the clear winners of the favorite commercial question, beating out runners-up: Pepsi, Go Daddy, and Bud.

Which Super Bowl Commercial Was Your Favorite?

Check out our press release on what mobile users were doing on their devices during the game, when, and for how long. Cheers, InMobi Marketing's Susan Kuo, Alexis Kushner, and Kathie Green BIG THANKS to Taimour Azizuddin, Global Research Analyst, for running the survey and providing the data!