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Make Money with PhoneGap & InMobi

Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on February 15, 2012

PhoneGap makes app creation easy

You can code in your standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and don't forget some awesome device API hooks) instead of Objective-C or Java and build apps quickly. This is not just for building out prototypes or hackathon apps, there are a few really popular apps that utilize PhoneGap to manage their codebase across multiple devices. There are many advantages to the native approach, and many to the PhoneGap approach. But one thing is for sure, PhoneGap lets you get up and running very quickly.

And its even easier to get some revenue flowing in with InMobi ads

Here's a quick tutorial about how to get ads displayed in your PhoneGap app, and the whole process from project set-up to seeing ads takes less than 7 minutes. Ready? Set? Make Money. How much money? Figure that out here with our Economic Toolkit [youtube Q1CNTWNSh-I]

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