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Casual game devs - make money with Pocket Change

Jeremia Kimelman
5 min read
Posted on February 20, 2012

InMobi has teamed up with Pocket Change, an interesting new start up from the Bay Area. They have an SDK that allows developers to monetize their mobile games one quarter at a time, as if it was a coin operated arcade machine. We realize that ads work well for many apps, but there are some developers who are interested in other ways to make money.

So how does Pocket Change help you make money?

It allows you to monetize each turn. For those of you following along at home, you can check out either Pocket Change's sample iOS app, Recess, or one of their developer's Android apps, Boost 2.

The user has a collection of tokens that you can work into your game play. The tokens are just $0.99 for 30 so the user isn't hesitant to start spending and keep playing. There's even a nice built-in social hook to Facebook that encourages your users to invite friends to play the game, giving them a few tokens as a reward.

In company's demo app, Recess, each time you want to shoot your rubber ball at the school-yard bully, it costs a token. And when all the tokens run out, the user is prompted to purchase some more. There's no credit card needed, it simply goes through the platform's in-app purchasing API. The best part (besides making some extra money, of course) - you decide when and how those tokens are sold and collected; Pocket Change doesn't interfere with your ability to structure your game and user experience. So if you're interested in checking out another monetization methods for your casual games, go ahead and take a look at Pocket Change SDK.

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