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From Reputation Economy to the Internet of things.Rome's Communication Forum 2012

Feryal Hemamda
5 min read
Posted on May 28, 2012

InMobi will be taking part in Italy's annual Communication Forum 2012, on the 5th June in Rome.  The venue for this year's event is the Palazzo deiCongressi, where speakers, opinion leaders and participants will have the opportunity to gather and discuss the most important issues of the institutional and corporate sectors. 

Welcome to the Reputation Economy is the title of the opening session of the first international edition of the 2012 Communication Forum. Reputation is one of the most important elements for companies,brands and public institutions to consider since it affects the choices and behaviours of its consumers, customers, employees and stakeholders. How can we build, manage and protect our reputation? The Communication Forum will focus on what influences reputation by presenting significant case histories as well as by sharing our key players' knowledge and experiences. The forum will talk about media relations, corporate communication, social networks, business/branding strategies and will analyze all those activities which contribute to maintaining and implementing a company's Reputation, one of the most important and strategic values of all organizations. The discussion will be moderated by Giovanni Iozzia, Co-director of Panorama Economy and will see the participation of Anthony Johndrow, Managing Partner of the Reputation Institute - North America; Nicola Piepoli, President of Piepoli Institute, Renato Vichi, Head of Media Relations Italy and Executive Communications of UniCredit and Carlotta Ventura, Director of Domestic Media Telecom Italia.

The Internet of Things: Engage in a digital connected world will be the theme of the closing session of the Communication Forum. Enzo Argante, President of Nuvola Verde, will be the moderator of this session where Stefano Nocentini, Top Clients Marketing Manager of Telecom Italia; Chicco Testa, Managing Director of Rothschild Italia; Sergio Tonfi, Corporate Communication Manager of Philips; Alberto Acito, Managing Director of RIM/Blackberry Italia will focus and discuss about sustainable, hi-tech and interconnected cities. The session will cover smart cities, sustainability, smart planet, smart grid, mobility, ngn, web advertising, mobile marketing, smart citizens. The workshops will be enriched by the presence of a Malaysian businessmen delegation invited and hosted by Sviluppo Lazio. The delegation includes Malaysia's leading players and opinion leaders interested in getting technologies and competences for the realization of audiovisual materials to promote Malaysian cultural heritage. Lazio Region's business networking initiative will take place in the Green Hall from 11.30 to 13.30 hrs and it's co-sponsored by Filas and supported by DTC (Technological District for Cultural Heritage and Activities) and DTD (Technological District for Digital and Creative Industry) of Lazio Region. Malaysian delegation and Lazio region companies interested in participating in this initiative will be involved in the following activities:participation in the workshop on Cultural Heritage, Tourism promotion, audiovisual digital technologies; one-to-one business meetings between Malaysian representatives and Lazio region businessmen. The delegation - which will be also engaged in a study tour on Lazio Region and its cultural, artistic and environmental heritage - includes Malaysian public and private sector representatives as well as Malaysian audiovisual companies and business associations. Michele D'Agostino, Sales Manager InMobi will participate in the session, moderated by Nicola Mattina, Founder of Elastic; titled: ECOMMERCE E SOCIAL APPROACH: PROSPETTIVE PER COMUNICARE E CONVERSARE CON I CLIENTI We look forward to seeing you on 5th June at Palazzo deiCongressi in Rome for one of the most anticipated events of the year.

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