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iMedia Brand Summit 16-18 April - Mobile quiz that educated decision makers about rich media

Sally Wuu
5 min read
Posted on June 12, 2012

This blog is a little late in coming, but hopefully just as interesting. As part of sponsoring the iMedia Brand Summit, we also sponsored a mobile quiz (administered via rich media over wifi) to more than 80 mid to senior level marketing influencers and decision makers. What better way is there to educate Brand advertisers about mobile, than for them to interact with it? With that in mind, the marketing along with awesome support from the creative team (kudos to Michael Lee and his creative services team), an educational and interactive mobile quiz was created. Rich media functionalities showcased include inline video, drag and drop, swiping, scrolling, etc The winners were Teodor Stoev from Philips, who walked away with a cool USD5k mobile pilot campaign as well as Tracy Soh (Wrigley), and Kenneth Wong (Celcom attach picture) who won iPads.

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