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Joint research on Smartphone apps for education (Macromill X InMobi)

Kosuke Seto
5 min read
Posted on June 27, 2012

"A joint research on Smartphone apps for education (Macromill X InMobi)", 21 June. "Every second user feels educational apps are effective InMobi Japan and research firm Macromill conducted a joint research on Smartphone apps for learning. (Research period: May 15 - June 7, 2012) In Japan 51% of the Smartphone users have learning application in their Smart phones. Among them English conversation and English vocabulary are the most widely used applications. Furthermore, every second person who uses these applications says that these are effective. 65% of the women mentioned the they can learn as if they played a game, 61% said they can learn without paying for it (only 33% of the men replied in the same way for each question). Compared to men, learning applications became the part of women's everyday life, and they use these more freely. In addition, asking about the application they would like to use in the future, the answer given by most of the respondents was "Test Preparation". It seems that in Japan Smartphone learning style is widely accepted as a free forum of learning outside of the traditional learning environment.

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