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InMobi offering for Marmalade Developers

Terence Eden
5 min read
Posted on June 29, 2012

Interested in monetizing your Marmalade App? Make money from your Marmalade app through the display of rich, targeted adverts from InMobi - the largest independent ad network. With over 10,000 app partners and thousands of global advertisers, we can reach 578 Million users in 165 countries. InMobi has a dedicated sales network which is instantly capable of monetizing your mobile ad inventory in any region of the world.

We know your market

InMobi has 700+ employees in 25 global locations and over 578 million consumers on its network. We have the unrivalled local knowledge required to monetize your inventory better than the competition.

Engage consumers with full-screen interactive mobile rich media ads

InMobi modules for Marmalade are built using our latest SDK for iOS and Android. The SDK supports a variety of ad formats and sizes - ranging from standard banner, full screen interstitials, vertical adverts for tablets, and inline video support. Download the modules now to maximise your earning potential!

You're in control

Our 24/7 self-serve tools provide real-time reporting. You'll have the control you need to consistently improve performance. You can monitor what's working and instantly change what isn't working. Truly global platform agnostic solution We can help you reach targeted audiences across platforms and devices. Our iOS module runs across the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. The Android module runs on a variety of phones, tablets, TVs and other devices. Read more about the InMobi offering for Marmalade Developers

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