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Impact of the "Leap Second" on the InMobi Network

Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on July 01, 2012

The leap second was a one second adjustment made to the atomic clock at 23:59:59 UT (just before 8pm ET). This caused havoc across the entire internet world and brought down several sites including - Reddit, FourSquare, Yelp, LinkedIn, Gawker StumbleUpon, and more. See the news coverage here: http://bit.ly/NjREt0 When the time came and the clock automatically added a sec, one of the utilities that ensures all of InMobi server clocks are insync started to act up, and caused all our servers across the globe to stop responding. We were able to recover quickly (thanks to our amazing team of engineers) after restarting all the servers that took approximately two hours. This issue did impact the revenue of our publishers during this time. We are continuously monitoring each and every server to ensure everything is normal. We pride in ensuring the best uptime of our ad-network and appreciate the patience and ongoing cooperation of our customers. As of now, all the systems are back and reporting is current, however we will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure the best possible service to our customers across the globe.

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