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The Current State of Mobile App Discovery

Marseille Steele
5 min read
Posted on July 22, 2012

If you are attending Casual Connect next week in Seattle July 24-26, be sure to attend the lunch time panel The Current State of Mobile App Discovery. InMobi's Kim Carlson will be speaking alongside our colleagues from Papaya Mobile, TapJoy, Google, Iddiction and SoftTech VC. It's no secret that the App industry is in a constant state of evolution. In the last year the growth of smart devices has exploded and, as a result, there are now more than one million active apps. Every day we see advancements in the standardization of development tools, decreasing technology costs, and increased investments in mobile platforms. Everyone wants in on the game, and it becomes more difficult when heavy hitters with deep pockets like Amazon and Facebook become the every-day Developers competition. The panel will address the difficulties on how to build awareness and how to make enough noise in order to rise above thousands of other new apps that enter the market each week. Here at InMobi, we pride ourselves on being a solution provider for the Developer community. So, please join us as we address how the every-day developer can learn the tricks of the trade to make it into the coveted top ten-list '“ and make some money while doing it.

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