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Mobile, the perfect platform to deliver your brands content strategy

Daryn Smith
5 min read
Posted on July 31, 2012

In the early 90s many analysts predicted the demise of newspapers and magazines due to the Internet, but this never happened; and luckily for publishers as the majority provided their content at no cost. Many people consume print media while relaxing and in between other commitments, so there was still a place for this type of media. With the advent of mobile media though, it is easy for people to consume media on their mobile device, while relaxing, anywhere. And whats more, mobile media is interactive and can therefore be more engaging. One of the major marketing trends at the moment is content; brands need to be producing content that is relevant and interesting to their target markets in order to build emotional relationships with their markets. Brands essentially become Editors, and the mobile device is the paper their content is printed on. When it comes to digital advertising, to often the success of a campaign is based on pure lead generation click throughs and conversions. However brands should consider using digital advertising as a method of distributing content, and building emotional connections with their target market, for a more long term and meaningful return on investment. The most notorious lead generation digital advertisers are insurance and home loan companies, much of the creative from these players just requires the user to enter their contact details to get a quote. These purchases though are infrequent, so although there are many impressions, there are very few clicks, and very few leads that result. A home loan brand, for example, could rather provided monthly household tips, such as the Top 10 kitchen ideas or New outside entertainment ideas that engage potential consumers, instead of just asking for their details so they can receive a quote. When that consumer is ready to select a home loan, their preference will be influenced based on the emotional relationship that has been built with that brand, and they may even pay a premium price.

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