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Quarterly Mobile Insights Report released for Africa

Daryn Smith
5 min read
Posted on July 31, 2012

InMobi's regular Mobile Insights Report was released in late July that uncovers the statistics from the Ad Networks ad requests in the previous quarter (1 April to the end of June). Overall in Africa, ad requests from Smartphones grew by 3.5% and Feature phones shrunk by an almost equal 3.6%, this was mostly as a result of South Africa where RIM's BlackBerry continues to grow, now with 50% of the market share in the country. In Nigeria, BlackBerry is receiving much publicity, but only accounts for 1% of all ad requests on InMobi's Nigeria network. And likewise, in Kenya, Android is enjoying much publicity, but only accounts for 3.8% of all ad requests on the InMobi Kenya ad network. Even in South Africa, where 63% of all ad requests are from Smartphones the Mobile Web dominates Mobile Apps by significant portions. This, and along with the fact that the majority of the African continent uses Feature phones, is an important factor for brands to consider when creating a mobile presence. Nigeria, once again enjoyed the largest growth, quarter-on-quarter, followed by South Africa, then Egypt and Sudan. Any advertising agency will correctly tell you that if you want your brand message to reach African's, use mobile! For a full breakdown on mobile device stats, including details on handsets, manufacturer's, and operating systems on Africa as a whole, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, download the Infographics that are available here: http://www.inmobi.com/research/research-downloads/

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