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Samsung SIII Drew Something With InMobi

Kunal Bharadwaja
5 min read
Posted on August 28, 2012

Samsung, the biggest seller of Android smartphones in the world, launched its flagship phone “ the Galaxy SIII “ in May, this year. In what was termed as the biggest marketing campaign in Samsungs history, a huge amount of hype preceded the launch of the SIII.

Samsung partnered with InMobi to create a high-engagement HTML5 ad unit and deliver a truly innovative and effective mobile rich media campaign. The objective of the campaign was to create awareness around the new product launch. InMobi designed the Doodle Pad campaign targeted at Draw Something App users. The Campaign was run on Smartphones and IPads. The solution allowed consumers to discover the various smart features of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, while staying engaged in a Gamified context. Social sharing was also enabled, which allowed users to post updates on their Facebook wall. This resulted in increased consumer engagement with high dwell times. The CTRs peaked at 1% for the smartphone campaign; with an average CTR equal to 1.15% for the iPad version. Engagement levels on the rich media ad-unit were clocked at an impressive 3 and 5 minutes (respectively, for smartphones and iPads) on average. It was a perfect example of context based advertising while engaging the consumer. This made the process of learning the functionality of the phone an entertaining as well as educational experience. View and Interact With the Full Ad on an Android Device Here View and Interact With the Full Ad on an iPhone Device Here View and Interact With the Full Ad on an iPad Device Here

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