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Regional differences in Value Propositions for Alcohol Mobile Ads

Daryn Smith
5 min read
Posted on September 03, 2012

Many countries around the World have imposed regulations on Alcohol marketing in an attempt to foster more responsible drinking within their communities. It is for this reason that the Alcohol industry is one to watch for upcoming marketing trends, as the responsible Marketing and Brand managers, and their Agencies tend to embrace new concepts first, before authorities regulate them. From a mobile perspective, the Alcohol industry have certainly embraced Mobile Advertising, and Rich Media in particular running cutting edge Gamification campaigns to campaigns that fully integrate creative with phone functions. InMobi has been conducting research on how people use their mobile devices leading up to, and after purchasing Alcohol, as well as while they are drinking, in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Kenyan and South African consumers had fairly similar preferences when it came to the Mobile Value Proposition; both markets sighted Discounts and Mobile Coupons as the proposition that would add most value to them from Alcohol brands. Nigeria was different though, the most important proposition that could be delivered to the Nigeria consumer on their mobile device was an invite to a VIP event, this clearly illustrates the how important the social scene is in Nigeria. The second most important proposition for Nigerians was free downloads of games or Apps, also showcasing how important a mobile device is to the population. Ads that get the most attention Worldwide tend to be ads that incorporate comedy well, the less serious your brand, obviously the easier this is, which is usually the case for Alcohol brands. Respondents to the survey in all 3 countries put the need for the Mobile Ad to be funny within the Top 4 propositions.

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