Nike leverages the power of mobile to reach and engage their target audience

    Marc Fine
    5 min read
    Posted on September 18, 2012


    As part of Nikes marketing strategy, the company turned to mobile to deliver some of the companies current business objectives as part of a wider marketing execution: These objectives included:

    • Broaden Game On World audience
    • Generate NIKE+ involvement via app downloads
    • Build awareness of the LUNARGLIDE 4 for launch

    The Strategy:The strategy was to support the Game On World experience with a mobile element that can be engaged as a stand-alone property. The campaign was split into three segments:

    1. Drive NIKE+ App engagement and awareness through simulated mobile rich media experience
    2. Performance orientated App distribution campaign
    3. Generate awareness, education and interaction with the LUNARGLIDE 4

    Nike and their media agency, Razor worked closely with the InMobi team in Australia to define the creative strategic direction and leverage InMobi Studio, the HTML5 rich media authoring tool to inform and engage their customers. This creative innovation mixed with a comprehensive media strategy that was executed across premium and performance networks allowed Nike to drive reach and awareness in contextually relevant environments. The Creative Execution:

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