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Why you should be excited about InMobi Ad SDK 360 for iOS6 and Jelly Bean

Vinay Uttamchandani
Product Manager
5 min read
Posted on September 18, 2012

Its here the season for OS updates! Apples iOS 6 announcement that accompanied the marketing launch of iPhone 5 on September 12th has generated plenty of excitement among developers, consumers as well as industry-watchers. By now, the updates to Maps, Siri, the tighter integration with Facebook, the nifty Passbook and easier ways to manage calls have been written and spoken about. Registered developers have been able to access the Xcode 4.5 Golden Master (GM) seed since September 13th for testing and making last minute changes to their apps before it launches publicly on September 19th. Any developer interested in his/her apps being available on iPhone5 is busy updating apps (that is if he/she hasnt done so already). Visually, unmodified apps will run letterboxed, that is, have œblack bars showing up on the sides when rendered on iPhone 5. Developers can use this extrreal estate to add additional information.

User Privacy, New Identifiers and Limit Ad tracking feature

For mobile ad networks and app developers monetizing viads, of special interest is the introduction of the new limit ad tracking feature. What this means is that user can now choose to block ad tracking used by ad networks to deliver relevant ads across apps. Apple has introduced Identifier for Advertisers (IDA), substitute for UDID that is now supposed to be used to serve targeted ads. non-permanent, non-personal device identifier, IDwill help with targeted advertising alleviating privacy concerns surrounding UDID. We at InMobi, are not just ready with our new Ad SDK 360 with support for IDA, we welcome this move! In the last few months, the eco-system has seen its fair share of chaos escalating even further after Apple announced UDID deprecation. Moving to IDis likely to stem fragmentation in system where variety of parameters like open UDID, secure UDID, ODIN1, etc. are being used. As always, we respect user privacy. If user chooses to turn limit ad tracking on, the InMobi ad network will no longer track user behavior to serve targeted ads this is in-line with Apples policy as well. This step does not require any developer intervention. For now, we will continue to support ODIN1 so that apps running on older iOS versions (iOS 5 and earlier) continue to monetize as before. Also, until IDbecomes the predominant identifier, supporting both ODIN1 and IDwill help us continue to serve relevant ads.

Features at Glance

Other cool features like Rich Media, inline video ads, geo-targeting and MRAID 1.0 compliance are also part of this SDK ensuring that you maximize your revenue. Since were on the topic of OS updates, were also happy to announce that our latest SDK for Android is now optimized for Jelly Bean. brief summary of changes made to InMobi Ad SDK:

  • iOS SDK: Compatible with the Xcode 4.5 GM which supports ARMv7, ARMv7s, i386 architectures
  • iOS SDK: Identifier for Advertiser and Identifier for Vendor added, support for ODIN1 continues
  • New APIs for iOS & Android SDK: stopLoading() API has been introduced to stop loading of the current ad request. This will help developers cancel the current ad loading if the network is too slow or ad rendering is taking more time than usual. 
  • New Error codes for iOS and Android SDK: Related to the above API, two new error codes AD_FETCH_TIMEOUT(thrown when ad fetch time is more than 1 minute) and AD_RENDERING_TIMEOUT(thrown when ad rendering time is more than 1 minute) have been added

Download the iOS and Android versions of InMobi Ad SDK 360 and do check out our Developer Wiki for integration guidelines for both iOS and Android.

Last but not the least.Passbook disruptive potential

One of the things that were really excited about is the disruptive potential that iPhones Passbook offers around m-Commerce, gaming, travel etc. Weve added feature that we believe can revolutionize the way we work with advertisers today and offer them new way to increase their product sales. Youll hear more about this soon stay tuned!

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Vinay has been in online advertising for the majority of the last decade. At InMobi, Vinay is successfully using his past expertise to enrich the exciting mobile advertising ecosystem. He is an industry expert on well-known and obscure technologies used in online as well as mobile advertising. He firmly believes that mobile advertising can go where online advertising cannot and is passionate about playing an active role in creating products and solutions to do so.

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