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Release of InMobi Ad Tracker 2.0

Feryal Hemamda
5 min read
Posted on October 04, 2012

     InMobi are proud to announce the release of InMobi Ad Tracker 2.0, which now packs more of a punch with AdTruths device recognition technology to improve conversion tracking and deliver valuable insights to assist advertisers in optimizing their campaigns. AdTruths GM & VP James Lamberti hails the latest release as a step forward in solving the audience recognition crisis, while InMobis VP of Products Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, says that as a result of this partnership with AdTruth, InMobi Ad Tracker version 2.0 eliminates browser opening at the first application launch (known as swishing) “ no longer requiring cookies. This new capability will increase the track-able inventory thus improving campaign scalability for our customers. Its not just the providers of the service that want to talk about the newly improved service. App developers such as Outfit7, creators of the blockbuster Talking Friends range, are integrating InMobi Ad Tracker in their latest apps. Their Senior Director of Business Development, Noam Yasour told InMobi: Over the past few years we have seen a phenomenal demand for our apps. One of the methods in organically growing our user base is through cross-promotions with other app developers, making it imperative to understand the performance of each of our campaigns. Through a simple integration in Talking Ginger, InMobi Ad Tracker with its device fingerprinting techniques from AdTruth allowed us to assess the performance of our different cross-promotional mobile campaigns and enabled us to optimise their performance. Read our press release in full and why not download our InMobi Ad Tracker one-pager that details all the key product information you need to know.

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