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Financial Services need to offer content that is of interest in Digital Ads for Africa

Daryn Smith
5 min read
Posted on October 11, 2012

The Financial Services sector is one of the largest digital media buyers Worldwide; digital media has given them the ability to run highly targeted campaigns, and only incur a cost when a prospect clicks on the banner. Being the Financial industry, models that can show return on investment like this are extremely attractive. This sector only has a requirement to generate leads, often the creative is bland with strong call to actions, and there are few clicks on the ad. Many of the clicks though are from hot leads that result in a closed deal. In research InMobi recently conducted in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa on the impact of Mobile in the Financial Services sector, on average over 90% of respondents said they would engage with a Financial Services ad if the content were interesting. By purely focusing on lead generation in ads, are these brands then missing out on a large potential market that they could be building brand affinity with? If they built brand affinity, when a consumer was ready to buy insurance, a life policy, a home loan or switch banks, that consumer would be likely to sign up with that brand. Mobile advertising in the Financial sector has the potential to drive consumers to content they would find valuable and interesting, such as articles on home improvements, or reviews of new cars. With the interest of the consumer defined, using marketing automation and lead nurturing software, the consumers can be guided down the path to purchase while influencing their brand affinity. InMobi will host 3 Webinar on 24 October where the full findings of the Financial Services research will be presented, to register click on the links below:

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