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The Good, The Bad, and Your Mobile Strategy

Dan Martin
5 min read
Posted on November 18, 2012

It struck me on the flight home yesterday from the Ad Monsters Publisher Forum while flying over the San Antonio, Texas plains. What an ideal place to have a conference about mobile: The wild West. Lack of standards, creation, survival, and entrepreneurial spirit were a bound just as much in the late 19th century as they were in the conversations throughout the Westin's hallways. We enjoyed seeing our old Publisher friends and making new ones while sharing stories of how to best navigate the mobile wild West. In the Gold Rush, there was a saying that you could mine for gold or sell pick axe. The fragmented mobile world of multiple operating systems, applications, the mobile web, and the billions of devices in existence can feel as if being successful is as difficult as gold mining. At InMobi, we pride ourselves in providing all of the pick axes and maps youll ever need as a Publisher, Application Developer, or Advertiser alike to mine for mobile engagement gold. In our world through providing common standards whether it's via our HTML5 Authoring Platform or our SDK unlocking powerful Analytics to drive insight and provide dynamic revenue streams we believe mining for a successful mobile strategy is only as powerful as the pick axe you're using. Thanks again Ad Monsters for having us. We look forward to continuing our conversations with all of you back at the ranch. Giddy Up!

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