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Announcing the launch of InMobi Lifetime Value Platform (InMobi LTVP)

Pratik Shah
Product Manager
5 min read
Posted on November 27, 2012

The accelerating trend towards Appification of everything over the last few years has thrown an interesting wrench in the mobile ecosystem: On the one hand, cost of user acquisition is going through the roof while on the other hand, monetization hasn't kept pace. This imbalance fuels the need for developers to maximize the life time value (LTV) of each user acquired - This entails the science of understanding each user and optimizing her value on acquisition, monetization & engagement dimensions. However, building such capabilities in-house requires a deep understanding of big data analysis, predictive algorithms and continuous optimization. This is expensive, time consuming and, most importantly, beyond the core competencies for most app developers. Today, InMobi is proud to announce the Private Beta launch of InMobi Life Time Value Platform (LTVP) - an absolutely free-to-use platform that helps app developers maximize the lifetime value of each user. This platform allows developers to gain precise insights into their user behavior and enables them to act immediately on these insights - to maximize monetization and engagement seamlessly. Ultimately for developers, being able to manage their users better will directly improve their chances of running an intelligent and successful app business. InMobi LTVP is built on three solid pillars:

1.Insights beyond the basics Analytics that really matter to understand in-app user behavior better. As app users start using the app, all the in-app interactionacross users are put together in interesting ways to make for extremely relevant user behavioral data. We leveraged our experience dealing with big data while serving ads to build analytics that is robust, and is as close to real time analytics as it gets.

2.Limitless user segmentation Create user segments based on behavioral attributes such as monetary value of the purchase, time spent inside the app, number of app launches, or other custom events unique to the app. These dimensions of user segments can even be bunched together for truly precise in-app targeting. An example could be high value waning users - ie. Users who used to be high purchasers in the app but recently have reduced time spent.

3.Target users with dynamic actions This is where the rubber meets the road. Based on user behavioral insights, developers can define and drive targeted actions allowing for a direct boost in monetization and engagement levels. Consider these actions to be rich in-app messagesthat modify app behavior at a segment level - with a user experience that feels completely native. With a combination of actions and insights, developers can push unique virtual goods at precisely the right time within the app, display highly customized ads, reward power users and cross promote other apps to the right users. With InMobi LTVP, we are opening up our infrastructure, global reach and big data expertise for the benefit of every developer in the mobile ecosystem. We believe this is going to democratize the entire mobile ecosystem - taking the data driven marketing expertise from a handful of developers and bringing it to every developer in the mobile ecosystem. We are giving away $500 in free advertising dollars to the first 25 qualified developers who integrate and go live with LTVP before Dec 31st.

To read more about  InMobi LTVP, check out www.inmobi.com/ltvp where you can register for our Private Beta program or join our upcoming webinar: Webinar: Maximize Revenue with the New InMobi Lifetime Value Platform Learn how to maximize the lifetime value of every app user with an effective monetization strategy and clever engagement strategies with the InMobi Lifetime Value Platform. Thursday, November 29th at 10am PST 1 hour session


About the Author

Pratik is a Product Manager at InMobi and excited about building products that expand the mobile app ecosystem. In his previous life in Investment banking industry, he was an Account Manager at Aegisoft, a New York based high frequency algorithmic trading startup, exiting successfully by acquisition by Thomson Reuters. Besides being an avid hiker on trails such as Everest Base Camp & Yosemite, he has also been active in several associations such as Cambridge MBA ventures, Silicon Valley Comes to UK & Asha for Education.

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