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FAQs: InMobi Lifetime Value Platform

Vishnu Shridhar
5 min read
Posted on November 30, 2012

As part of this week's launch of InMobi Lifetime Value Platform, we hosted a webinar for a deep-dive into the product. The slides are available for download and viewing on Slideshare. Ready to get started? Sign up for our beta program today. How was the session? Let us know with this quick survey.Don't forget: We're giving away $500 in free advertising dollars to the first 25 developers who integrate and go live with LTVP before Dec 31st. Get started today! Given the large number of questions that came in, we did not have time to answer all of them during the live session, so we are addressing them in this blog post (below the video). The video from the session is available on YouTube: http://youtu.be/NkPMJ0n2o9Q  

Analytics/User behavior

Can I transfer data from my existing systems into InMobi Lifetime Value Platform? Also, is it possible to do the reverse as well, take data out of LTVP into my systems?

We have built LTVP trying to keep it as open as possible. We have plans to add both import data (in UID form) and export API (aggregate level) to be able to view in other forms.

For the Engagement tab, is there a way to see retention rates for Day 1, Day 7, Day 30, etc.?

Retention rates of one day, seven days and thirty days are a planned feature in the next coming months.

If the LTVP platform segments are based on UDID, what will happen if UDIDs are deprecated? Is there a fallback user identifier?

LTVP platform uses a combination of user device identifiers. We use Apple-safe and non-PII so our system has multiple failbacks in case of any future deprecations.

How long does it take for segments to start reporting data?

We have tried to keep the entire analytics dashboard as close to real-time reporting as possible. The segment data will be up in 15 minutes after insights data is received.

Is there any way for me to understand how big my segments are?

Yes. The image below is a snapshot of a segment of high app launchers or users who launch their app more than the average number. We provide a trend of segment size over a period of time. So you will be able to track groups of users based on app behavior and take appropriate action.


If this dashboard refreshes in real-time, does it slow down the performance of my game because data is constantly being sent from the game to InMobi servers?

User experience is paramount with regards to LTV platform. Each event is a single API call to the system. These are asynchronous events and thus will not cause the device to slow down or stall at any time. The actions have similarly been wired, so if there is no action available or if the user is offline, then the app will not stall. Also, all of the heavy lifting in terms of processing events, segments and determining actions are performed on our servers thus keeping the app lightweight.

Can I tie in my user acquisition tracking solutions with LTVP?

The goal of InMobi Lifetime Value Platform is to enable all developers to better understand their users and manage them better. This also means having the ability to measure quality of different acquisition sources from where your users were acquired. We are working on this right now, and will try and factor in any feedback on how you would like to track and use this data.

How does your analytics solution compare with other solutions in the market?

We built our insights based on what developers need in order to maximize engagement levels with their users. This is the reason why the insights are very closely tied to segments as well as actions giving a one-stop experience to really drive engagement and monetization with intelligent (the intelligence here provided by insights) actions. Our insights are also built so that they are as close to real time as possible. You can integrate your app with just the insights functionality to test this out!

Improving monetization and engagement with Intelligent Actions

Can we implement house ads in InMobi LVTP?

Absolutely. In fact, the announcements/cross-promotions actions are designed to do exactly that. By selecting a segment like advanced users within a popular app and pushing promos to your newer app to this segments, you are achieving two objectives:

  • Getting great users for your new app at low cost and
  • Keeping your loyal users engaged within your app portfolio.

We believe these are smart house ads are the way forward with house ads.

Does the user receive the message with the app closed? Can I send push notifications using InMobi LTVP?

Right now, all the actions that are available can be triggered only from within the app. This also means that we do not directly support push notifications in this current release.

How does the platform hook into the game to award these 'rewards' into the user wallets? How can I customize the default user notifications?

InMobi LTVP works with a combination of slots and actions to achieve this. You can define different slots within the app from which you can call for an action. Based on your segment definition and action configuration, the user gets served an action. If you want to go beyond the actions that are available, you can use custom actions as well. With custom actions, you can control how the action is triggered because we will give the call back to you within the app to take complete control!

What if I wanted to award an in-game item? How does the InMobi LTVP give this item to my user's inventory?

Awarding an in-game item can be done via the rewards action. Think of LTVP actions as a delivery mechanism to give the instruction back to your app. We expect the developer to handle this instruction and give the specific item to the users inventory.

Pricing and Documentation

Where can I find documentation about SDK?

Our help center is up to date with documentation as well as the SDK. Android SDK documentation iOS SDK documentation

How is the platform priced? Are you planning to impose a licensing fee in the future?

The platform is completely free and will always be. There will no licensing fee to use this platform in the future as well. Our goal with InMobi Lifetime Value Platform, as well as other products that InMobi introduces for developers, is to give a well-integrated holistic experience with the hope that you also start using more of our ad network.

Is this completely native or HTML5?

The three actions - virtual good sales, rewards and announcements are HTML5. We have built in flexibility so that you can customize the look and feel of these actions to echo your native app's look and feel. However, if you want to trigger a native action for a segment, you can do so as well with custom actions. You can send in any other questions/comments you have on LTV platform to ltvp-support [at] inmobi [dot] com and register for our private beta at http://www.inmobi.com/ltvp/

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