Mobile devices lead to surge in multi-screening in France

Posted on December 28, 2012
By Limvirak Chea

The average mobile web user now spends more time on their mobile device each day, than they do watching TV. A recent report from ComScore (June 2012), smartphone penetration was approaching 50% in the EU-5. While this is a large proportion of the population, brands are yet to cash in through mobile advertising. Mobile devices are changing the media consumption habits. We recently announced the results of our Mobile Media Consumption Report for France, the study was developed with independent research agency, Decision Fuel. We found that over half of mobile users (68%) in France are multi-screening, presenting a huge opportunity for brands and advertisers to target the always-on mobile consumer. In just three years the always on, the always-there nature of mobile devices has seen it over take the PC in consumer consumption of media. The mobile marketing channel presents marketers a vast opportunity to engage with the connected mobile consumer. According to eMarketer we will have over 68 million mobile connections in France next year. Marketers are already beginning to unlock the potential of mobile advertising by pursuing rich media and creating more engaging, immersive ad experiences. The Mobile Media Consumption study also found that 68% of French mobile consumers plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months, an 11% increase from where we are today. But what does it mean for marketers? With comfort levels already high with mobile as an advertising platform, engaging consumers in a far deeper way is now a reality. Consumers are now almost always connected on-the-go through mobile devices. In 2013, we will see an increase in cohesive cross channel campaigns across mobile devices and other types of media. Successful campaigns no longer deliver the same message or ad already running on TV, on mobile; for marketers to succeed cross-media campaigns incorporating mobile will deliver high impact, targeted campaigns.