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It Is Always "Holidays" For A Mobile Marketer

Varun K Ramachandra
5 min read
Posted on January 09, 2013

One of the perks of being in the mobile advertising industry is that the ecosystem is by nature local and at the same time global (clichd? Yes! But, absolutely true). A publisher in Antwerp can monetize his content in Shanghai as easily as he can monetize his content in Buenos Aires. An advertiser in San Francisco can spread his message in Abu Dhabi and Addis Ababa with equal ease. For most part of the year one geo-region or the other is in festive mood & this rings festive bells in the mobile marketers minds-- the holiday season across the globe is extremely diversified and gives us ample opportunities to market throughout the year. This beautiful infographic (thanks to www.cloud9living.com) shows us the gift giving traditions from across the world. We can benefit from the generous sprinkling of holidays across the globe and plan in advance to counter the traditional post-holiday season lull.

Gift Giving Traditions Around The World

Once again, Happy New Year Holidays 😊

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