Mobile Insights and Inspiration for 2013

Posted on January 10, 2013
By Shrikant Latkar, VP of MarketingVP of Marketing

This week, we released the InMobi Insights Inspiration Issue 2013. The marketing team at InMobi pulled this together in a short order of time with a single goal of educating the world around what is going on in the red-hot mobile space. As a global company that delivers ads to billions of users globally, we are in an enviable position to share insights from across the world. As we went about creating this issue, we distilled information from some of the most successful mobile advertising campaigns that our clients ran across the globe. The issue features ads from Australia to the United States, from a very old brand like BBC to the leader in android devices Samsung. We looked at stats from across the world in terms of media consumption and how the world has changed with the adoption of tablets and smartphones in a short span of 12 months. From China to the US, consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than watching TV, with 82% of the people surveyed saying that they use their mobile devices while in bed. The rapidly growing maturity of mobile analytics and reporting on campaign successes is encouraging marketers to increasingly allocate budget for mobile campaigns. I hope you enjoy this publication from InMobi which features ads from Universal Pictures on their launch of the mobiew The Man with the Iron Fists, The North Face, John Lewis, Sony Pictures Hotel Transylvania, Path, Scotiabank, Audi, Optus, Nokia, Samsung and a whole lot more. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.