Korean Mobile Ad market outlook 2013

    Kosuke Seto
    5 min read
    Posted on January 10, 2013

    Monthly IM magazine has published an article contributed by Seungyeon Kim, General Manager of InMobi Korea. He tells that Year to 2013 for the Mobile Advertising market in Korea is shifting to a predictable market.

    In 2013, Korea’s mobile advertising industry is expected to shift from a market characterized by opportunity and uncertainty to a predictable one.

    The key point of mobile advertisement is to provide ROI to advertisers, higher profit to the developers and relevant information to users. Developers who play a role as media through apps need to be globalized in order to be competitive, targeting both local and global markets.

    In the domestic market, the mobile platform seems to be changing into an Android-oriented environment, while iOS is likely to shift to being used for either entering the overseas market for developers or simply purchasing international apps for users. Therefore, developers should set priority on Android when developing new services.

    The major question in the mobile advertising industry is whether portals can succeed in Korea’s mobile market, and if Google and Facebook can be successful in the global market. The key to success will be to possess a mobile advertisement technology, so that even when CPC decreases, the business will not be affected. In 2013, the mobile advertisement market will start a limitless competition in a more open market environment.

    Media Information:

    Monthly IM is a magazine that covers articles about digital trend, digital advertisement and marketing, and mobile technology.


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