Korean Tablet Users Stay Online the Longest

    Kosuke Seto
    5 min read
    Posted on January 17, 2013

    Today, InMobi Korea announced a report regarding Korea’s tablet market. This Tablet Study research conducted with a research agency, mobext, revealed that Korean tablet users spend 11.75 hours per day to stay online, above other digital devices, which is significantly longer than that of PC users (8.75 hours) and smartphone users (8 hours). This result shows that tablets maximize the accessibility to the internet, by widening the display of smartphones and dramatically speeding up the boot time of PCs.

    Important findings related to mobile are as below.

    • 39% of tablet users spend more than one hour accessing online media content out of a total of 11.75hours per day staying online.
    • Tablet usage peaks during 9pm-12pm
    • 45% of tablet users shop on tablet each month
    • 34% share tablet with family members
    • 33% of tablet users use digital devices while watching TV

    Press release full text : Korean Tablet Study

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