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Launching Unity plugin for InMobi LTVP

Vishnu Shridhar
5 min read
Posted on January 31, 2013

Today, we are making available a unity plugin for Lifetime value platform (LTVP), making it even faster and easier for the unity plugin community to use LTVP Analytics features within their games and apps. Whats more, this plugin also has InMobi Ad Network & House Ads capabilities bundled within it enabling developers to maximize ad monetization as well. Last November, we launched InMobi LTVP as a free solution to help developers analyze user behavior within the app and more importantly act upon this information with an integrated monetization, and house ads platform. We have seen great adoption amongst the gaming community as well as the non gaming community with newspaper apps, social networking and entertainment apps benefiting from LTVP. With this plugin, developers should find it a lot easier to understand user in-app behavior along revenue, engagement and other dimensions and easily drive up monetization and app marketing activities through a well integrated platform. Unity is one of the more popular tools for gaming developers. The Unity game development platform includes a wealth of tools designed to help developers create rich interactive experiences expertly and efficiently. We believe that LTVP plugin will be a solid addition for Unity game developers. Developers can access the free plugins for these valuable features by visiting these links iOS plugin and Android plugin.

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