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Dynamic Feed Success! 37% Conversion Rate!

Maryam Motamedi
5 min read
Posted on February 13, 2013

InMobi has enjoyed great success with both performance and brand ads, driving robust conversions on both ends. Now combine rich media with performance ads, and add context, relevance, and great targeting and you have a recipe for success. The Dynamic Feed component in the InMobi Studio platform is a great addition to the array of features and components available to designers and advertisers. It allows advertisers to pull in dynamic data from various sources, via API. This data can be used to add context, fresh, relevant information, or allow for crowd participation. The possibilities are many. As you may know, InMobi's in-house award-winning Creative Services team uses InMobi Studio to build Rich Media ads for InMobi advertisers. The Studio Platform is also licenced to various brands and agencies for network-agnostic ad building, flighting, and measurement. The Creative Services team rolled their sleeves up for Bloomberg, to build world-class, engaging ads, to run on InMobi for 6 weeks in December and January. The ad they produced performed so stupendously that Mobile Marketer wrote a piece about their success. Since apps are obviously rich with features and functionality, any ad promoting an app should be a sample of what's to come. With rich features touting a very attractive ad, targeted placement (in games, travel and finance properties), and strategic and well-implemented great calls to action, the Bloomberg ad resulted in a 37% install rate. That means more than 1 in every 3 persons who clicked on the ad, downloaded the app! Despite the complex functionality of the Dynamic Feed component, no programming is required for using it. There will be no need to worry about what happens when you run millions of impressions at a time - Studio handles that for you out of the box. In keeping with Studio's philosophy of making a powerful, flexible toolset, platform users can render dynamic feeds into ads, or use the data to modify how the ad looks and behaves more generally. According to Alan Peters, Director of Product: "There's a wealth of data out there that can be used to make ads more personal, timely, or otherwise relevant. What I like about the Bloomberg execution is that it uses data unique to the brand. Beyond financial services, I think there are a number of other categories of advertisers that could also take advantage of their own data set to boost performance of rich media ads. Retail is an obvious choice." Amen, Alan!

For our platform customers, some notes to keep in mind: 

Some APIs are free and some are paid. So keep this in mind when pitching a Dynamic Feed component within an ad unit and take a look at API documentation before moving forward. -Before finalizing a concept with your client, please check whether the source integration is possible.

What you will need to for integration: 

-REST interface

-JSON format

-API Key based authentication (vs complex schemes like OAuth)

-Technical docs must indicate that the proposed functionality will work The Dynamic Feed was debuted to InMobi Studio platform licensees in January 2013.

We hope to share more success stories with you soon.

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