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Using GPS, Food Delivery Ads Appear When Users Are at Home – Outlook of mobile industry for Korea in 2013

Posted on February 13, 2013
By Kosuke Seto

Joongang Ilbo, Korean newspaper, reported the interview of Seung-Yeon Kim, the CEO of InMobi Korea, on their lunar new year edition on February 10th. Seung-Yeon explains the outlook of Korean mobile advertisement market and how media can survive in the mobile era.


- Bullet points -

Korean Mobile Advertisement Market

  • Since more than 50% Koreans have started to use smartphones, the mobile ad market is rapidly growing as well.
  • According to ‘2012 Mobile ad survey,’ released on February 6 by Korea Communications Commission, the Korean mobile ad market reached KRW 215.9 billion in 2012. This year, it is likely to reach KRW 416 billion which means a 93% growth.
  • “The core of mobile ad market will be Rich Media which requires users’ active engagement,” said Seung-Yeon Kim.

InMobi’s Strengths

  • “Speed” is InMobi’s key strength. We focus exclusively on mobile ads since we can quickly make decisions and adopt new technologies.
  • Global network that enables local businesses to be in line with the rapidly changing consumer trend is also our strength.
  • HTML5 based advertisements can only be produced by mobile ad experts like us.

About InMobi

  • InMobi is the world’s biggest independent mobile ad company which has built the mobile ad network in 165 countries in 5 years.
  • InMobi Korea carries out global ads for Korean top 50 companies such as Kia Motors and Samsung Electronics.

Different Devices, Different Advertisements

  • Tablet users are likely to have bigger purchasing power so luxury brand ads would make a perfect fit for tablets.
  • High-resolution pictures and images can also be used for its wide display.

How Media Can Survive in the Mobile Era

  • The internet ecosystem has caused this crisis in the media industry.
  • The means of delivering premium content from major media needs to be strategic.
  • The problem is the media is focusing on transmitting articles into mobile so much that there is no clearmobile strategy
  • Media should develop the best app which is differentiated from other apps with specifically categorized news sections including users’ responses
  • The paid app policy should be avoided. The profits can be made by mobile ads with 25% higher unit price.